The Chick-Fil-A Mobile App: A Review

While I was in Durham two weeks ago, I decided to play with the Chick-Fil-A mobile app on my iPhone and try out a mobile order with a Support Service Provider (SSP) on hand as a backup.

I utilize an iPhone using a refreshable Braille Display connected via Bluetooth.  The iOS device transmits data to the Braille Display when its built-in screen reader, VoiceOver is enabled and the Braille display is paired with it.

Compared to mobile apps for Starbucks and Panera Bread, I’ve found Chick-Fil-A to be the most accessible from a Braille perspective, other than some issues.

First, you would open the app and you can order from supporting Chick-Fil-A locations right from the app.  I first navigated to the “My Order” tab, then selected “Start New Order” to begin the process.

The first step in starting a new order is to select which location you want to order from.  On this screen, from the Braille perspective, it doesn’t give me the closest location first and move outward down the list–as I learned yesterday as I passed the Mountain Island on Callabridge CT in Mount Holly, NC.  The first option was the Lake Norman branch on Statesville Road and the Mountain Island one was nearly at the end of the list!

Once you select your location, you can select how you want to pick up your order–some have “Carry Out” while others also offer “Curbside”.  In Durham, I decided by “Carry Out” as I worked on the order while sitting at a table inside the location.

The next step is the categories of the menu, starting with BREAKFAST.  I was able to navigate to the MEALS, which opened a sub page.

On this page, the pictures and the associated text are separate VoiceOver elements, with only the picture acting as the actual button.  So from the Braille perspective it was a little confusing as I thought it was additional products.  I selected the first option–a Chick-Fil-A(r) Sandwich Meal.

On the new screen, I had the option to choose my side, so I pulled open that pane to choose some Superfood, which I’ve never had before.  In general, when an app has a radio button type list of selections, like the next screen to choose between Small and Large, the Braille display usually ends with “sel” which means “selected”.  On this pane it doesn’t tell me if the small or the large was selected, but the product name at the top does change so I could check there as well.  To close that screen I hit “update Order”.

I also decided to try a Cookies & Creme milkshake, with the same issues as the side’s small and large.

Now my order selections are done, I need to Add To Order, right?  Well, apparently, I can’t select “add to Order” with a Braille display or a VoiceOver double-tap of the screen, so I had to disable VoiceOver to hit that button, than re-enable VoiceOver to continue.

The rest of the process–adding money to my Chick Fil A One card, then placing the order itself, was smooth.  Once you arrive at the Chick Fil A location, you can press “I’m Here” and they’ll fulfill your order.

To go get your order, you need to go to a sign and wait for them to bring it to you.  My SSP was on line at the time getting her own lunch when the staff came out to give me my order.  Though one thing I worried about is that they might not know it was me or not who made the order as I wouldn’t hear them call out anything.

That lunch was quite delicious–I especially loved that kale salad Superfood, and the Cookies and Creme is much lighter than a Cookout shake.