Day 1: Downtown Savannah

This is only a brief summary of today’s endeavor, as I’m about to pass out–and that’s saying something.

So, we left the house I’m staying at around 6:15 in order to meet all the other walkers from Hotel Tybee in downtown Savannah.  Then we walked 21.5 miles.  It took me nine hours and 45 minutes to complete it, though I’ve been able to train for that distance on a treadmill for seven.

There were several parts of the course that were so old in their sidewalks, they proved to be nightmarish for even the cane.  Ninety percent of the time I played “Follow the Sheperd” as my guide walked approximately five to ten feet away from me in front and I’ll use my cane at full range of its ability.  However, even with the cane, some thin, metal poles usually used for signage managed to get around the arc of the cane’s motion, and I would “bump” into them.  My glasses have protected me so far, though I’m not sure how strong that material actually is.  The poles of darker colors I can spot in time, but not the light gray ones.

Between rest stops six and seven was probably the worst area of the course since it was a lot of broken cobblestone which made even my ball rolling tipped cane have to work over time.

After the walk, I paid for a twenty minute massage, then had lasagna, chicken perm, red potatoes and Ceaser salad for dinner.  Then I went for the Pep Rally.

After which I took a epson salted bath, but the blisters on my feet are so sensitive, I had to crawl across the house to my bedroom backwards with my butt on the floor!

Stay tuned for Day 2, and I’ll link photos to the blog once I’m done.