Day 2: Skidaway Island

We arrived a little early at Skidaway Island’s starting point so that the medical staff can look at my blisters and apply the moleskin.  I was able to walk to the second rest stop before I needed them to check it again and also asked them to check the callous under the ball of my feet.  After that I stopped for a bit during the third rest stop to rest and apply bio-freeze on my ankles.

I made it as far as the fourth rest stop before the medical chief ordered me to the lunch stop (the 8th stop) to rest.  Once the medics there checked my feet and re-applied moleskin, the medical chief determined that my blisters and callouses were too bad to be able to continue the rest of the day and put me on foot rest for the rest of the day in order to prevent me from hindering my other trainings.

Thus, I only got 6 miles out of Day 2, when the course was 18.5 miles.

I went back to the hotel and waited for the interpreter to arrive by napping across four chairs in the conference room.  Once the interpreter arrived I limped my way up to the massage therapist on the second floor for a 20 minute massage.

The interpreter, Megan Latter, my guide for the day, Chris Latter and their kids and I went to dinner in the cafeteria.  I originally planned to wait for the Ceremony of Light out on the pier, but by 7pm, it was becoming too windy and cold and I’d have had to walk 2.5 miles to the pier.  My experience at a Relay for Life in 2013 for the Luminary Ceremony–standing still in the cold for that long wasn’t a good idea, I had to grab a member of the GWU swim team to guide me for two laps of the track running in order to warm myself back up!  So I thought it was a good call to skip the ceremony this year and just go home and sleep for the next day.