Day 3: Tybee Island

Chris Latter and I drove over to Hotel Tybee where the course would start a little early in order to meet with medical staff to check my feet and apply some moleskin.  Also to get their verdict on whether or not I’d be allowed to continue for the 10 miles on Tybee Island.


Well, that meant I was able to continue and do the last 10 miles that consisted of Day 3 on Tybee Island.  That course was very easy for me especially in the beginning, and I apparently stayed at the back of the lead pack for most of the course.

We had to cross a bridge, which I discovered wasn’t exactly safe for a blind traveler and their cane since the cane wouldn’t notify you of the drop on either side of the bridge exactly because the horizontal bar is higher up than the cane is able to inform you about.

At some point, there were a lot of sign posts so I had to use my cane at the fastest motion of an arc, but even then those poles still managed to sneak up on me–I even managed to bump into a telephone pol this time–hidden in the shape of a tree.

At another point, I had to walk on a dirt parking lot to get to a bridge to the beach and back–but the cane can’t tell you if you are about to walk on top of a big rock in the dirt.  So those rocks pushed up in the cushion of my shoes.

Once we crossed over for the 9 mile mark, I was able to rest and wait for the rest of the walkers to catch up so we all could do the Last Mile Together, for Together We Are Strong.

Before the Last Mile, we took a group photo of all the walkers and volunteers.  Then those with MS lead us in the Last Mile.

The Last Mile lead us to the Pier of Tybee Island, where we had the closing remarks.  I apparently won the Most Motivational Walker Award!

Stay tuned for the next post, which will contain embedded photos and videos!