NCDBA Conference 2016

On March 10-13, 2016, I attended the North Carolina Deaf-Blind Associates (NCDBA) Conference at the ClamDigger Inn in Atlantic Beach, NC.

This year’s conference had the Touch Communication Workshop that Marilyn Trader and Ashley Benton presented in November at Blue Ridge Community College–this time, nearly 30 DeafBlind participants had the opportunity to learn more about touch signals.  I even had the opportunity to get further used to them.

I even attended a workshop by John Sherwood and Donna Platt regarding the NC Text to 911 Program.  This program is not fully established yet in the entirety of the geographic region of North Carolina; however, it is available in the counties that I frequent.  Text to 911 allows you to contact 911 through text messaging; however, it is not yet GPS enabled, so you have to give specific information of where you are, and what happened, in text form.  I made the comment that if I was in the middle of providing CPR, I’d still have to call 91 on the voice line and just leave it on so the operator/dispatch can hear that I am providing CPR and can send someone–though I’ll have to voice where specifically I am if I’m in something like a hotel.

During the Business Meeting, I was re-elected as the 2nd Vice President for the NCDBA for two more years.