Prelude to the Big 50

I arrived safely to Savannah, GA around three in the afternoon today.  The skies were a beautiful cloudless blue and the scenery from what I could see was quite “lush green.”  Although I can’t tell the difference from a marsh and the great plains as they look lush green to me, although a lush reflective green, which is apparently the water.

After dropping my stuff off at where I’ll be staying for the weekend, we went on to Tybee Island to get the packet pickup and check in, then went to Carrabba’s Italian for dinner as I had to carb up on some Fettachini Alfredo while Team Patrick met up to discuss the plans for the weekend.

Now I’mgoing to get a good night’s sleep as I’ll have to start walking 21.5 miles beginning at seven in the morning!  Stay tuned for the next post.