Training Log for June 7, 2016

This morning, I used the CompuTrainer at Podium MultiSport in Cornelius.  I am currently focused on improving on power and translating that into high cadence.  Today was a tough nut to crack though!  According to the saved workout on TrainingPeaks, I went 14.1 miles in 54:16.  Because I can’t see the instrument panel of the CompuTrainer on the 40 inch TV mounted on the wall, I stream the desktop to my iPad which is mounted on the handlebars, and then zoom into the cadence and power percent meters.

This afternoon, I went over to Sally’s YMCA to work on using the Concept 2 Rowing Machine at a resistance of 10 for 15 minutes.  I completed 2841 yards.  In order to keep me motivated, since I can’t see any of the instruments on this device, I set my iPhone 5 on my forearm and play a HIIT workout at 20 seconds high, 40 seconds low intervals.

After the rowing, I went outside in the blazing heat and walked three miles in the Community Garden, followed by 0.6 miles (one lap) run, a lap walk, repeat the last two, and 0.3 miles run/0.3 miles walk for a total of six miles.