Training Log for June 8, 2016

Weight In

Today I weighed in on the Fitbit Aria scale at 284.2 lbs with 22.6% body fat.

Endurance Swim

This morning at Lake Norman YMCA, I completed a 1500 yard endurance swim in 39 minutes.

Masters Swim

At lunch, back at Lake Norman YMCA, under the direction of Coach Andrew and Coach Fred, I completed a total of 1900 yards.

  • 200 choice warm up (I did free style)
  • 300 choice kick (I did flutter)
  • 400 free
  • 300 pull
  • 200 Fingertip Drill
  • 200 IM (means 50 of each of the four strokes)
  • 4×50 free sprint
  • 100 cool down

For the Fingertip Drill, the coaches had to explain that one to me as it was the first time I ever attempted it.  I found it interested that it hardly used any energy as I barely had to come up for more air.

Indoor Rowing

Rower results for June 8, 2016In preparation for the Indoor Triathlon in July, I’ve been training on an indoor rowing machine.  To keep me motivated, I use a HIIT workout on my iPhone 5 which is attached to my forearm.  In fifteen minutes, I was able to finish about 2500 yards.  I decided to increase independence by snapping a photo of the instrument panel and reading it later.

Run/Walk Training

I train in the Community Garden at Sally’s YMCA.  See the below video for an idea of the course.  A full lap is equal to 0.6 miles.

Today’s workout consisted of walking three miles nonstop.  After that, I went one lap plus one street lamp distance run/remainder of second lap walk, times three for a total of 3.3 miles.

After that, I walked the last lap while taping the above video.  For a total of 7.2 miles today!

View the Walk and Run recorded by Fitbit: